Investment plan

Your 2022 real estate investment plan in 12 steps…


With February come thoughts of love and connection to your partner. Investing also involves partners and they can make or break any deal you make. Find like-minded partners who are considered experts in their field. Look for real investment tech players who have real estate experience and start building and nurturing those relationships.


It always pays to do your homework. The right information will put you on the path to success, but the wrong information can ruin you. Indeed, ill-informed investors make bad decisions. You need to find reliable sources of information, instead of blindly following what salespeople tell you about the latest must-see developments. Be sure to choose investment partners with strict due diligence processes.


No one wants to be a fool, especially an April Fool’s joke, so use your head, not your heart, to make decisions. SMART investors look at the numbers to fully understand what the investment could generate. Be responsible and don’t get carried away by your emotions. If you’re faced with a trade that sounds too good to be true, take the time you need to thoroughly review the numbers and make sure you know everything about the trade before you invest.


Confront the wealth gap – the yawning space between the world’s extremely wealthy 1% and the rest. One of the best ways to close the wealth gap is through technology, which gives the 99% access to assets and opportunities otherwise reserved for the 1%.


When you invest in real estate, it’s all about the rent. Big discounts can blind you to the actual costs involved. A cheap building that you cannot fill with tenants will become an extremely costly mistake.


Familiarize yourself with crowdfunding, where people join together to fund a project or business. Online investment portal Wealth Migrate received its CATI financial services provider license in 2021 so that the investment platform can maintain its commitment to using technology to cut out the middleman, reduce costs and increase trust and transparency.


Finance can help you grow, but a bad deal can destroy everything. Be careful before committing to a financial transaction that seems too good to be true. When investing overseas, you already struggle to know the ins and outs of how institutions work, so take the time to make an informed decision.


Investing is about growing your portfolio, and nothing helps you do that better than compound interest – Albert Einstein’s “Eighth Wonder of the World”. Wealth Migrate allows you to reinvest the income from your investments and achieve growth on top of growth.


Make sure you benefit from the beleaguered SA rand. When you invest rands in an international property transaction, you have a built-in buffer if your chosen first world property market loses value. If the rand weakens significantly, you score points when you convert the first world currency you earned into rands.


Learn more about cash flow and capital appreciation. Investors can make good returns even in lean times by being savvy and seeing the opportunities available in a struggling market, then focusing on the upside potential and projected earnings.


Even in the best of times, change is the only constant, even more so during a pandemic. To get richer, follow the advice of the 1% – make good solid decisions based on thorough research and get trusted partners in your corner.

*Scott Picken is the managing director of the online investment platform Wealth Migrate