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Unilever’s prestige skincare brand backs Boox’s move to Grimsby as £1m investment plan unveiled

Beauty brand Unilever, which has partnered with an American sustainable packaging company establishing its UK base in Grimsby, welcomed the investment.

Ren Clean Skincare has signed with Boox as it lands in the country where it launched 22 years ago, having forged a strong bond across the pond.

As reported, the Californian start-up is using Tri-Pack as a manufacturer as it seeks to invest £1m in a base of operations in the city and grow its e-commerce customer base, creating dozens of jobs .

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AJ Patel, Ren’s global e-commerce manager, said, “Ren’s environmental philosophy has always been one of collaboration rather than competition, and it’s as much about employing sustainable processes as developing sustainable products. Ultimately, by being transparent and working with innovative and ethical partners, we can solve waste and emissions issues faster and more efficiently.

“Working with Boox has allowed us to employ more sustainable delivery practices, achieve our zero waste commitment, and provide consumers with the best tools to be able to effect long-term environmental change.

Boox turned to Tri-Pack for manufacturing when entering the UK market from Grimsby.

“We are delighted to extend our partnership to the UK to help continue to keep our packaging out of landfills.

“We take a holistic approach to sustainability and look forward to continuing to make product, ingredient and packaging changes to deliver more world firsts to the beauty consumer.”

Launched in east London in 2000 by Rob Calcraft and Antony Buck to fill a niche in the skincare market after Mr Buck’s wife suffered reactions during her pregnancy, Ren – Swedish for own – went on to secure listings with John Lewis, M&S and Selfridges, alongside hotels, spas and space in British Airways’ first-class gift bag.

Unilever launched in 2015 and now sells in 50 countries around the world.

Boox aims to take cardboard waste out of the equation by introducing returnable boxes and bags to retailers selling direct to customers.

He shared how impressed he was with Grimsby’s green credentials after working with Tri-Pack in the design phase, with the ultimate goal of replicating American operations in the city with a 20,000 square foot facility.

Tri-Pack, a long-standing packaging company based in the South Humberside Industrial Estate, has played a significant role in eliminating single-use polystyrene from the seafood industry, whilst also working on wider food markets.

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