Investment plan

The BIXB incentive investment plan was launched by Hotbit

The fast-growing blockchain BixBcoin has continued to expand its ecosystem with key partnerships over the past few months. Following the successful listing of its native BIXB token on Hotbit, BixBcoin launched an investment program on the exchange.

BixBcoin 90 Day Block Incentive

BIXB holders on Hotbit will be able to lock up their tokens for 90 days to receive an initial annualized rate of return of 60.6%. The total subscription limit for the program is 121,000 BIXB and participants are limited to a maximum blocking amount of 1,300 BIXB.

The initial deposit and interest are automatically refunded to the investor’s Hotbit BIXB wallet after the lock period expires. BIXB’s 90-day lockdown incentive plan is one of the best in the crypto market, and participants are assured of their funds during the lockdown period.

Interested participants can learn more about the incentive and get detailed information by clicking here.

A large blockchain ecosystem

BixBcoin has grown rapidly since its launch in March 2020. It is built on its own Bixb blockchain using the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm.

BIXB is a crypto asset that allows holders to conduct fast, low-cost cross-border transactions within a secure blockchain network. All transactions within its blockchain are recorded on the distributed ledger and can be tracked through the coin explorer.

BIXB has a maximum supply of 3,000,000 tokens generated through its mining system. Miners are rewarded up to 0.01 BIXB for using their computing power to solve complex mathematical solutions and secure their network. The limited amount of BIXB in circulation has been key to its price rise due to token demand.

Main developments to date

The BIXB team has also launched several products that help users leverage its ecosystem and have revenue opportunities. For example, Loanypto is a key part of BixBcoin and is a decentralized lending system that offers low-interest loans to BIXB holders. It offers multiple loan packages, and lenders can pool their resources to earn interest on up to 5% APY on their collateral.

The BIXBPay gateway allows merchants and website owners to accept crypto on their platform for free. The payment gateway API is easy to implement and merchants receive their funds instantly. Other products include the BIXB exchange and the BIXB Wallet, a non-custodial wallet where BIXB hodlers can securely store their crypto.

The BIXB token has already been accepted by two of the world’s leading gaming platforms, ”Victory Games” and ”Toto”. Players can now use the token across platforms to play their favorite online games. They can also earn more BIXB tokens on different play-to-earn games featured on gaming platforms.

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