Investment plan

Sygnum releases DeFi-based investment plan

Sygnum today announces the launch of its structured investment solution based on decentralized finance (DeFi), Sygnum Yield Core AMC.

It is designed to generate attractive ongoing returns from yield-generating strategies in the growing $250 billion DeFi market.

Digital asset return-generating strategies (e.g. staking, lending, arbitrage) offer investors attractive investment opportunities with highly favorable risk-return profiles due to their low directional market exposure

Sygnum Yield Core AMC is available to professional and institutional clients directly through Sygnum or through other banks and brokers, with a minimum initial investment of ten certificates

Sygnum leverages its strong due diligence and portfolio construction capabilities to invest in a suite of best-in-class yield funds

Despite recent slight increases in interest rates and bond yields, they remain historically at extremely low levels. Credit spreads remain relatively tight. This environment has sparked growing investor interest in the attractive returns and favorable risk-return profiles available in crypto markets.

Along with its Yield Core investment strategy, Sygnum is launching an Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) that seamlessly accesses and integrates high-quality investment solutions from industry-leading investment managers. Actively managed certificates (AMC) are one of the most innovative, flexible and profitable investment vehicles available. Sygnum evaluates return-generating strategies as they evolve and provides clients with exposure to the best opportunities in a common institutional-grade investment solution.

The Sygnum Yield Core AMC is designed to deliver consistently attractive risk-adjusted returns while having low directional market exposure. It provides diversified exposure to yield-generating strategies in small note sizes, backed by active and ongoing due diligence of the underlying investments. Investment in the Sygnum Yield Core AMC solution is available for professional and institutional clients directly from Sygnum, or from other banks or brokerages with a Swiss ISIN. Rigorous portfolio and operational risk management rules are applied to address general and specific crypto investment risks. This shared investment solution combines Sygnum’s expertise in evaluating yield-generating strategies and extensive access to very attractive investment opportunities.

A range of new, innovative investment strategies will be launched as part of Sygnum’s asset management product roadmap throughout 2022. These will provide investors with an ever-expanding choice of bank-grade solutions. on all digital asset investment opportunities.

Fabian Dori, Head of Asset Management at Sygnum, said: “DeFi markets continue to grow rapidly and offer significant return opportunities. Sygnum is launching a range of investment solutions that will allow our customers to easily invest in digital assets in a diversified way and with confidence. The Sygnum Yield Core AMC represents a smart and unique investment, delivering consistent returns with low volatility. In times of low interest rates, you can grow your capital smartly and further diversify your portfolio.