Investment plan

Stormshield investment plan: the roadmap.

Following the announcement of a major investment plan supported by its parent company Airbus, Stormshield, France’s leading pure player publisher in the field of cybersecurity, intends to continue its growth and further consolidate its position in France and Europe. Stormshield’s development strategy will revolve around three main areas: expanding its Research and Development activities, strengthening its international presence and developing its talents.

R&D: the engine of Stormshield

Stormshield’s research and development activity represents €25 million this year. This is a significant investment, Stormshield being one of the few European players in the cybersecurity sector capable of devoting this level of annual resources to the development of its products, an effort necessary due to permanent technological developments and competition. environment.

To give more weight to this approach, an additional investment plan has been launched, three quarters of which will be devoted to R&D. Particular emphasis will be placed on the Stormshield Network Security (SNS) range, which historically represents an important part of the company’s activity. Additional resources will also be allocated to other Stormshield product lines relating to data and workstation protection.

Priority will be given to the functional improvement of existing solutions, whether through internal initiatives or through the creation of new technological partnerships, another historical expertise of Stormshield.

Cybersecurity is an industry where the limits of action must be constantly pushed back, which is why technological watch, analysis and understanding of new cyber threats have become essential prerequisites for developing new solutions and raising levels of protection. . For this reason, this investment plan will also enhance threat intelligence capabilities, making the company’s solutions ever more effective, relevant and robust. In terms of robustness, Stormshield has done significant work over the past two years in terms of static code analysis. This initiative, hailed and cited as an example by the cyber community, is now fully bearing fruit following the announcement of the next Cyber ​​​​Resilience Act.

In addition, the OVERSEC project, supported by the France 2030 plan, is part of a global strategy of innovation and anticipation of future customer needs in terms of cybersecurity.

Europe: a priority area for a unique positioning

Stormshield will celebrate 25 years of expertise in 2023. This is the perfect opportunity for the brand to increase its international reputation and consolidate its leading position in Europe.

The European DNA and the durability of Stormshield make it the leading supplier of firewalls in France and Europe. This unique positioning is justified by the quality of the solutions offered and by the local support that Stormshield provides to its customers to best meet their expectations, through a network of more than 1,200 distributors, integrators and resellers.

In order to further deepen its daily relationship with its customers dealing with critical cybersecurity issues and to increase its notoriety, Stormshield plans to continue to strengthen its presence in Germany, Poland, Spain and Italy, but also to study new development in the Nordic countries and Benelux, where the presence of Stormshield can meet the demand for European alternative solutions. The decision to focus mainly on European markets is part of the strategy of this sovereign player, which also intends to study development opportunities in Canada and in other regions of the world where it already has commercial activities through its network. of partners covering more than 40 countries.

Attracting and retaining employees: two key issues in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is facing a shortage of resources which is also reflected in a lack of experienced profiles. In addition, the expectations of employees vis-à-vis companies and well-being at work have changed significantly in recent years. This is a challenge for all players, who must therefore rethink their operating methods and their employer brand to be more attractive and give meaning to the daily tasks of employees and future recruits.

Stormshield is no exception to this development and will devote new human and financial resources to it. Many measures have already been implemented and the investment plan will accelerate the deployment of new projects on working conditions, value sharing, career development and talent development.

Resilience is far more important than perfection and always leads to success: this is my guiding principle. After 25 years of existence and continuous development, this investment plan demonstrates the confidence and support of our shareholders, who understand our ability to deliver on our commitments, and these efforts also underline the quality of resilience that we have shown since many years. Resilience not only technological, but commercial in the face of an ultra-competitive market, and resilience of our teams, at the service of our objective to move forward together even faster, together, in unison. I would therefore like to thank our 400 employees in Europe who contribute daily to the growth of Stormshield and support our ambitions.,” says Pierre-Yves HentzenCEO of Stormshield.