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Solway Investment Group’s Morowali nickel smelter project partners with Indonesian state-owned company


Jakarta, indonesia, November 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – PT Aquila Cobalt Nickel (ACN), a subsidiary of Swiss group Solway Investment, has signed a sale and purchase agreement with state-owned utility PT PLN for the supply of 200 MVA to its Aquila project . The agreement allows ACN to obtain up to 100% of its electricity from renewable energy production.

As part of its commitment to minimize the Group’s environmental and carbon footprint, Solway is working to implement clean energy solutions across all of its business activities. The Group is constantly looking for technologies that will improve overall sustainability practices. The production of electricity from renewable energies is an important part of Solway’s future energy security. This partnership with PT PLN is an important step towards securing the sustainable circular value creation of the Aquila project and maximizing potential gains for society, and not just minimizing or neutralizing losses.

The Group’s long-term strategy in Indonesia includes the development of processing facilities for nickel intermediates such as nickel matte and mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP) for use in the production of battery grade nickel sulfate.

In support of the Indonesian government’s plan to establish Indonesia as a global hub for the manufacture of electric vehicles, the Solway group is developing a nickel smelting plant in Morowali, central Sulawesi. The Aquila project will transform nickel laterite ore into nickel pig iron (NPI) via nickel laterite smelting process technology as well as mixed hydroxide product (MHP) via high acid leach technology. pressure (HPAL).

Three nickel deposits around the island of Sulawesi will support the Aquila project: Asera, Bahomoahi and Sorawolio, with resources estimated at around 50 million by weight of saprolite nickel ore and 40 million by weight of limonite nickel ore. The Morowali smelter will have the capacity to process up to 5 million tonnes of saprolite and limonite nickel ore and produce up to 50,000 tons by Ni. The Aquila project will be implemented in several stages, with initial production scheduled to begin in 2023-2024.

The Solway Group is currently focusing its energies on nickel, copper, gold and silver, all essential materials for the global transition to clean, sustainable and green energy. The Group focuses on adding value in a holistic way, across all value chains, life cycles and ranges of applications for these metals.

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