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SimCorp A/S: Global Investment Manager Launches SimCorp Digital…

The digital engagement platform helped the investment firm overcome the efficiency, usability, and security challenges it faced with its existing setup. By moving entirely to a cloud-native digital platform, the investment firm is now able to:

  • Delivering best-in-class customer service by giving investors instant access to all the data they need to make informed investment decisions

  • Gain access to insights into client usage, enabling them to better serve the interests of their investors

  • Streamline manual processes and increase operational efficiency with automated workflows for a fully scalable platform

  • Meet their security requirements with a cloud-native model, based on the highest industry standards

Several other investment firms have chosen the digital engagement platform this year as they look to improve client engagement.

Guillaume Rondy, Vice President, Data & Communications Offer Line at SimCorp said: “It has never been more important for the investment management community to communicate remotely and consistently with its end customers, providing clear differentiation in a highly competitive market. Additionally, our clients can now track client usage, allowing them to be closer to investor trends, leading to more informed and productive client discussions.

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SimCorp offers industry-leading integrated investment management solutions.

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