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Revealed: Why family investment group Ricketts holds advantage in bid to buy Chelsea

The Ricketts Family Investment Group has a slight advantage in its bid to buy Chelsea, according to reports.

The Chicago Cubs owners have been named to the shortlist of preferred bidders alongside Todd Boehly’s Consortium, Sir Maritn Broughton’s Consortium and Stephen Pagliuca.

According to Ben Jacobsthe Ricketts family group holds a slight advantage for several reasons.

The CBS reporter says: “The benefit of Ricketts’ offer is not just in the capital they would bring up front, but in the fact that they did their due diligence in 2018.”

In addition, the Ricketts Family Investment Group may seek to restructure its consortium because Ken Griffin would have “significant shares”.

It has been reported that he will be considered the ‘money guy’ in their bid as an ‘important silent partner’ as they await the next steps in their pursuit for Chelsea.

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Their bid for the World and European champions was also reportedly “well over” $3 billion as they seek to mount a competitive bid among other interested parties.


However, there has been recent controversy surrounding their offer for Chelsea, with other parties believing the Ricketts family have been given ‘preferential treatment’ throughout the process.

An unnamed party adviser said: “If they want the Ricketts family to buy the club from Roman Abramovich, tell us now and save us the hard work.”

It remains to be seen who will end up succeeding in their bid, but the Ricketts family’s due diligence carried out in 2018 could put them ahead of the rest.

However, Boehly is also believed to have exercised due diligence, as reported elsewhere when it attempted a takeover in 2019.

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