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ODNI publishes four-year science and technology investment plan – MeriTalk

The Science and Technology Group (STG) of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) invites feedback on its science and technology (S&T) investment landscape for fiscal year 2022-2026, which sets a path for its portfolio S&T investments over the next four years, according to a request for information (RFI) published last month.

An unclassified version of the S&T investment landscape seeks to categorize the S&T investment needs of the intelligence community (IC) into two levels, and examines the sectors’ investment and development opportunities. The Investment Landscape is one of three documents that make up the ODNI S&T Investment Planning Guide, as well as the Strategic Plan and Investment Framework for the 2022-2026 fiscal year.

“The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) Science and Technology (S&T) Investment Planning Guidance…collectively lays the foundation for better positioning IC to advance the interests of our nation by anticipating and preparing to the demands of the future,” DNI Avril Haines and DNI Senior Deputy Stacey Dixon wrote.

“These documents serve as a roadmap for advancing and sustaining a diverse and talented technical workforce, advocating and championing S&T that is not only effective, but will provide IC with a competitive advantage, enhancing and creating lasting and meaningful partnerships with a range of non-traditional public and private partners, managing risk and integrating expertise across a range of technical and mission-driven disciplines,” they said.

This investment landscape is an updated version of the work done in the FY2015-2019 IC S&T landscape. The landscape examines the needs and opportunities for further investment in the development and CI-wide deployment of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyber, computing, data, as well as different sciences , from behavioral sciences to materials and manufacturing, etc.

“Awareness of mission-related challenges is critical to renewing and securing our nation’s intelligence advantage, and this landscape is a way for IC to engage with a range of stakeholders on our anticipated issues. to create the community of the future,” said ODNI S&T director Dr John Beieler wrote.

“The landscape documents IC challenges and conveys them to potential resolvers and has been a proven mechanism for positioning IC to meet future challenges,” Beieler added. “My office and I are committed to helping position IC, through strong advocacy on behalf of the community, to meet future challenges with adaptability and resilience.”

The ODNI invites responses and comments on the S&T investment landscape by May 28.