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MUUS Climate Partners Adds Logan Grizzel, Veteran Investment Manager and Sustainable Transportation Expert, as Partner

The climate investment team expands its senior management with the addition of a new partner

NEW YORK, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MUUS Climate Partners, a climate-focused investment firm, today announced the addition of Logan Grizzel as a Partner. The former partner and CTO of Blackhorn Ventures will co-lead deal execution and portfolio company support for MUUS Climate Partners.

“Climate investing has become one of the greatest business opportunities of this generation, and perhaps the single most important lever to decarbonize the atmosphere before it’s too late. Logan’s vast background in technologies renewables, in addition to its ability to expand and foster long-term development will contribute to MUUS’s expansion efforts across the globe,” said Michael Sonnenfeldt, President, MUUS Climate Partners. “Logan’s expertise as a fund manager and in sustainable market solutions will position us well to find deals where small amounts of capital can unlock huge opportunities to scale impactful solutions.”

Prior to joining MUUS Climate Partners, Grizzel worked on vehicle electrification at Toyota for most of his 10 years there, plus three years focused on transportation and fuel efficiency at Navigant, before moving to Blackhorn. Ventures, where he invested in opportunities that improved resource efficiency in the built environment, transportation and energy sectors. While there, he helped grow the team from one to three funds and over 60 portfolio companies.

“Logan has been a trusted collaborator for years, and we have always been impressed with his ability to connect the dots between technology and markets, through the lens of climate impact,” said Ben Wolkon, Managing Partner, MUUS Climate Partners. “His impressive track record stems from deep expertise in the sectors most relevant to us, and he is one of the few investors who can add meaningful value to portfolio companies.”

Grizzel will be based at Boulder, Colorado. MUUS Climate Partners is headquartered in New York.

“I am extremely grateful to join MUUS Climate Partners. I have known the partners and the founder for years, and they have successfully built an exceptional organization that delivers superior returns. I look forward to working alongside a team of world-class positioned for significant growth and long-term success,” said Grizzel.

About MUUS climate partners:

MUUS Climate Partners emerged on January 1stst 2022 of MUUS & Company, the private serial entrepreneur holding company Michael Sonnenfeldt. Prior to the creation of MUUS Climate Partners, MUUS & Company had increasingly focused on climate-related investments over the past decades and built a climate-focused investment portfolio of 25 companies, making up MUUS Convergence Fund I, internally funded and led by Ben Wolkon since 2016. With the launch this year of MUUS Convergence Fund II, MUUS Climate Partners emerged with Sonnenfeldt, Wolkon and now Grizzel as partners, joined by Kavita Patel, Tani Brown and Laura of Bonaventura as key business professionals. MUUS Climate Partners is currently raising Fund II, a venture capital fund focused on the convergence of breakthrough technologies and climate solutions that have the potential to scale fast enough to impact decarbonization in the years to come. come.

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