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Mercer Advisors ranked best Colorado-based investment manager

National firm RIA is ranked by the Denver Business Journal as the state’s top investment manager, with more than $37 billion in total assets under management

DENVER (PRWEB) May 02, 2022

Mercer Advisors Inc. (“Mercer Advisors”), a national Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) firm, today announced that the firm has been ranked by the Denver Business Journal as the #1 state-based investment manager of Colorado.*

The Denver Business Journal, a leading business publication serving the great state of Colorado and the West, maintains an active number of lists of “the most important and influential players defining our local economies.” Denver Business Journal researchers compile rankings from original and often proprietary data sources to determine leading companies in important categories.

“To be ranked number one in our home country is extremely rewarding,” said Dave Welling, CEO of Mercer Advisors. “We chose Denver for our new headquarters because of its vibrant communities, growth prospects, diversity and excellent talent pools to continue to grow our business. ‘Helping our clients succeed with their personal wealth and finances helps drive our growth, and we look forward to further investing in our Colorado locations to continue that success.’

Award-winning Mercer Advisors is one of the nation’s largest wealth management firms. With a focus on organic and inorganic growth strategies, Mercer Advisors now serves more than 23,600 individuals, families and institutional investors across the country. To find out more, log on to

*According to the Denver Business Journal, information on The List was provided by individual companies through questionnaires and could not be independently verified by the Denver Business Journal. Only companies that responded to inquiries were included in this list. Companies have been ranked by total assets under management as of October 1, 2021.

About Mercer Advisors

Founded in 1985, Mercer Global Advisors Inc. (“Mercer Advisors”) is a full-service wealth management firm specializing in investment advisory, financial and estate planning, tax and corporate fiduciary services. and trust administration. It is one of the largest registered investment advisers and financial planning firms in the United States with nearly $38 billion in client assets. Headquartered in Denver, Mercer Advisors is privately held, has more than 680 employees, and operates nationally across the country with 60 locations. Mercer Advisors, Inc. is a parent company of Mercer Global Advisors Inc. (RIA), majority owned by Oak Hill Capital and Genstar Capital. Mercer Global Advisors has a related insurance agency. Mercer Advisors Insurance Services, LLC (MAIS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercer Advisors Inc. Employees of Mercer Global Advisors are officers of MAIS. For clients of Mercer Global Advisors who wish to purchase insurance products, MAIS has entered into a non-exclusive referral agreement with one or more strategic partners. You will find more information about MAIS and our strategic partners in our ADV 2A form. Visit us at

Mercer Global Advisors Inc. is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and provides all investment-related services. Mercer Advisors Inc. is the parent company of Mercer Global Advisors Inc. and is not involved in investment services.

Mercer Advisors is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice to clients. All preparation of estate planning documentation and other legal advice is provided through its affiliation with Advanced Services Law Group, Inc.

Data as of February 28, 2022. Assets under management includes affiliates and wholly-owned subsidiaries announced to date.

Please note: Limitations. Neither rankings nor acknowledgments by rating services, publications, media or other unaffiliated organizations should be construed by a customer or potential customer as a guarantee that he or she will achieve any level of results if Mercer Advisors is engaged, or continues to be engaged, to provide investment advisory services. Rankings published by magazines, and others, generally base their selections exclusively on information prepared and/or submitted by the Recognized Advisor. Rankings are generally limited to participating advisors (see participation criteria/methodology). Unless expressly stated otherwise, Mercer Advisors has not paid a fee to be included in such ranking. No ranking or recognition should be construed as a current or past endorsement of Mercer Advisors by any of its clients.

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