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LR Davis Global Investment Group is rapidly serving small businesses through its newly expanded SBA division

Leading providers of corporate finance solutions, LR Davis Global Investment Group, announce expansion of their SBA division to accommodate small businesses suffering from high interest commercial loans

The LR Davis Global Investment Group team reiterated its commitment to helping companies of all types and sizes grow by providing them with the necessary financing as the company recently expanded its SBA division to serve more of small enterprises. This move will allow providers of business finance solutions to accommodate small businesses suffering from high interest commercial loans. In a related development, the Small Business Administration updated its pricing structure, with the changes effective as of October 1, 2021.

“We have helped over 11,000 businesses since our inception and now, with the expansion of our SBA division, we will be able to help small businesses consolidate their high interest rate loans or secure expansion financing to grow. develop during the pandemic, ”said David McBride director of communications. “In addition, the new pricing structure will save businesses thousands of dollars in upfront costs,” he continued.

Access to finance is one of the main challenges facing businesses around the world. Over the years, several initiatives have been developed to help businesses obtain relatively affordable financing. However, there is still a long way to go in this regard, with the Covid-19 pandemic putting even more strain on companies with high-rate loans. However, LR Davis Global Investment Group seeks to change that narrative as evidenced by the expansion of their SBA division and the addition of their new SBA Quote IQ, a free online tool that allows business owners to check their status in seconds without impacting their credit.

LR Davis Global Investment Group has built a reputation for working with small business owners in the United States, assisting them with their SBA applications. Small business finance providers take advantage of their cutting edge technology to dramatically reduce the process from about 6 months to 45 days or less.

The recent update to the fee structure does not include any set-up costs and no annual debt service charges from October 1, 2021 to September 31, 2022, ultimately positioning LR Davis Global Investment Group as the go-to partner for financing small enterprises.

Interested prospects can check their status in 60 seconds with the new SBA Quote IQ, without affecting their credit score by visiting

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