Investment plan

Labor MP joins trade unions to celebrate huge investment plan for Whyalla | News from Whyalla

Local MP Eddie Hughes and union members celebrate the announcement of a half billion dollar hydrogen plant investment project in Whyalla.

Mr Hughes, who holds the Whyalla-based Giles seat, met with members of the Australian Workers Union and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union to flag the potential venture.

The $593 million proposal will go ahead if the Labor Party wins government in national elections on March 19.

“It’s great for jobs and entrepreneurs in our area,” said Hughes.

“A green hydrogen power plant will support our renewable energy generators and help drive down wholesale electricity prices.

“This will be the state’s biggest investment in Whyalla for many decades and will be an important part of creating a major hydrogen hub here.”

The project would consist of a hydrogen power plant, electrolyser and storage facility, fueling new jobs and industry in South Australia.

The work opened up to representations from communities around SA and the town of Whyalla presented a submission.

If elected, the party will set up a panel of experts to report back in 90 days to identify the most suitable Crown or City plot of land in the Whyalla and Port Bonython area. The panel will include:

  • The Barngarla people
  • Council of Whyalla
  • SA Infrastructure
  • Department of Energy and Mines
  • Department of Infrastructure and Transport
  • SA Water
  • Environmental Protection Authority
  • ElectraNet
  • SA power grids

The project will include:

  • 200 MW hydrogen power plantharnessing South Australia’s renewable energy to provide cleaner, cheaper energy to South Australian businesses, factories, manufacturers and miners, creating new jobs and helping to attract new industries to South Australia.
  • 250MWe capacity of hydrogen electrolyzersusing excess renewable energy to produce hydrogen, reducing the need to remotely turn off rooftop solar for homes and businesses, and unlocking the $20 billion pipeline of energy projects. renewable energy in South Australia.
  • Hydrogen storage facilityholding the equivalent of two months of operation or 3600 tonnes of hydrogen, providing additional capacity when needed.

New positions that could be created include:

  • Up to 300 jobs during the construction of the power plant
  • At least 10,000 jobs released from the $20 billion pipeline of renewable energy projects in South Australia.
  • More … than 900 jobs created by the development of a hydrogen export sector.

Mr Hughes said his city was “perfect” to host the world’s leading hydrogen power station.

“Once built, this plant will help provide the people of Whyalla with the certainty of jobs for decades to come,” he said.

SA-BEST nominee for Giles, Tom Antonio, greeted the proposal “with caution.”

He said the plant would provide much-needed jobs as well as a significant economic boost – during construction and when fully operational – if it goes ahead.

“Labour must make a firm commitment to keep their word,” he said.

“Unfortunately, we’ve heard it all before, including during the last election when the two main parties came to town to announce expensive plans.

“Unfortunately none of them happened – and sadly the people of Giles rarely hear from the Liberals or Labor outside of an election campaign.

“Both major parties have proven time and time again that they take Giles’ people for granted – you have my word, I won’t.”

Tom said the $200 million solar farm project promised by Adani was announced in 2017, but not a word was said.

Progress has stalled on the Cultana project ready to go, again and again, with nearly 800,000 solar panels, announced in 2018.

The second stage of another solar project by Sino-Australian investors has yet to start.

Labor’s promise in the 2018 election was to deliver a deep sea port at Whyalla.

“This project was never going to happen because it was going to be an expensive logistical nightmare,” Tom said.

“Both major parties must think the people of Giles are gullible to believe that such a critical state infrastructure project will go ahead – simply because it’s promised in the middle of an election campaign,” he said. -he declares.

“Giles also needs increased funding for our health services, our seniors and the aged care services that look after them, law and order, education and opportunities for use.”

Mr Antonion’s party has unveiled what it says are ‘gifts for elderly pensioners’ which it may be able to introduce should it hold a powerful position in parliament.

Free comprehensive ambulance cover and annual car registration are among the economic benefits offered to South Africa’s 250,000 elderly pensioners.

Upper House MP with SA-BEST and aging spokesman Frank Pangallo said if the party were successful and won the balance of power in the Legislative Council or gained a position of influence in the House of Assembly in the event of a hung parliament in the next month’s state election, he would demand a fair start for pensioners struggling with the rising cost of living.

The list of demands addressed to the party that forms the government includes:

  • Free full ambulance cover for pensioners over 65, people on low incomes and a 50% reduction for over 65s not receiving a pension
  • Access to free public transport 24/7
  • Free access to SA National Parks
  • Free parking for the first three hours in public hospitals
  • Offering a one-time stamp duty exemption for elderly pensioners who have moved to a smaller property
  • Free driver’s license tests for concession card holders
  • Fully Fund Personal Alert Alarm Monitoring

Two other priorities for the return to parliament in May will be:

  • call for a parliamentary inquiry into all aspects of elderly care in South Africa, including the state’s response to the elderly during the pandemic.
  • Introduce Australia’s first legislation in 2022 for the establishment of a Retirement Commissioner within the Office of Aging Well to oversee the operation of the Retirement Villages Act; manage and resolve disputes; inform and educate people of all cultures about the aging industry and their legal rights; apply any sanctions to operators; investigate any allegations of abuse and determine if protection should be provided.

“SA-BEST is committed to ensuring that our elderly citizens are well taken care of and not isolated, neglected or abused,” Mr. Pangallo said.