Investment manager

Investment manager creates M&A advisory service

UK-based Ebi Portfolios has launched a matchmaking service called Affinity to allow advisers to express interest in selling their business or acquiring other financial advisory firms.

The firm said it “has identified that succession and acquisition can be a challenge for advisory businesses, where ongoing client support and care is paramount.”

Affinity was designed to help inform and connect advisors, and facilitate transactions between sellers and buyers.

Ebi said he would be able to “facilitate the process” by connecting advisers with third-party financial, legal and brokerage advice.


The company said in a statement posted on its website“Succession planning is a top concern for many Ebi advisors; wishing to enter into an agreement with like-minded consulting firms that will ensure a safe journey for their clients.

“It can be difficult to meet the right company, let alone navigate the range of options available when it comes to structuring deals, arranging financing and other complexities of buying and selling. on the sale of a business.

“Ebi, with the experience of successfully selling a consulting firm, developing numerous industry contacts and a network of like-minded advisors, can help you navigate these waters.”