Investment plan

Gambia: Barrow unveils agricultural investment plan worth over US $ 175 million


President Adama Barrow told Foni Jarrol supporters on Tuesday that his government had a plan to invest more than $ 175 million in agriculture.

He was responding to claims by the UDP leader in an allegedly broadcast audio that the government led by President Adama Barrow did not intend to invest in agriculture.

According to Mr Barrow, there is a plan of $ 80 million for rice production, $ 28 million for storage, $ 27 million for goat and sheep rearing and an additional $ 40 million for the sector. agricultural.

He further reiterated that he had been president for five years, affirming that peace is everywhere and that Foni has benefited from it as well as from his development process.

In another meeting held in Bondali, Presidential Advisor Henry Gomez said the upcoming elections had nothing to do with President Barrow, saying Barrow had already shown the Gambians what he had done and what he wanted to do.

“We all know what we’ve been through. President Barrow has given us the peace we wanted for 22 years.”

Foni Bondali’s National Assembly (NAM) member Kaddy Camara claimed people used to call him on his personal lines and insult him.

“I joined the NPP because Jammeh said that GDC is mean than the UDP. This is the reason why I would not join GDC but NPP because that’s where our peace is and even him ( Jammeh). GDC is just looking for their own interests and I assure you that if they were elected to power, they would be the first to sue Jammeh. “