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Future investment plan – HCS Pharma announces the success of the ONCO3D project to discover new cancer therapies

Future investment plan – HCS Pharma announces the success of the ONCO3D project to discover new cancer therapies

HCS Pharmacompany based in Lille and created in 2013, reveals the successes of the ONCO3D project, aimed at discover new cancer therapiesin particular for breast cancer (1st cancer in women, with 2.09 million cases (11.6%) worldwide and more than 600,000 deaths in 2018 according to the World Health Organization).

In particular, the company was able to produce, in vitro, 3D tumor microenvironments, which was one of the challenges of the project. Indeed, the microenvironment plays a crucial role in the development and recurrence of many solid cancers, but also in their response to treatment. Thus, these achievements will enable the development of innovative treatments and drugs in the years to come.

As a reminder, cancer is known as an uncontrolled proliferation of cells forming a tumor in an organ. All current therapies (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or immunotherapy) aim to kill these cancer cells. However, it has been proven that the major event in the creation and progression of cancer is an overproduction of structural elements around the cells: they thus induce mechanical stress on the cells, which react by proliferating in an anarchic manner. It is this major parameter that must be taken into account today. BIOMIMESYS is the only technology to reproduce this mechanical stress on cells in 3D models in vitro. The results of this ONCO3D project, in partnership with several cancer research institutes (CNRS, INSERM within the ONCOLille Institute), have shown that it is possible to stop the proliferation of cancer cells and therefore the progression of tumor by targeting the cells that generate this stress.

This project was made possible thanks to a grant from the future investment plan, partly financed by the Hauts-de-France region and by the BPI.

Thanks to this project, new BIOMIMESYS products (3 tumor microenvironments with different stiffness from breast cancer to pancreatic cancer) will be marketed. The continuation of this project is a Franco-Taiwanese partnership which will be set up between HCS Pharma, the ONCOLille Institute and several research institutes in Taiwan, in particular the Academia Sinica and the NARLAB, to continue the development of new products (Organ -on -Chip).

HCS Pharma is a biotechnology company that develops and distributes products for culturing human or animal cells in an environment similar to an artificially created organ. Its technology is based on a 3D cell culture system that best reproduces the biological environment and allows better results for research and biological tests.

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