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Dynamic Investment Manager will maximize your investment

San Diego, Calif., June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — High profile individuals and corporations everywhere are sooner or later discovering the need for investment management, realizing that retail brokerages are failing to deliver the returns necessary to achieve the investment objectives. Whether you have accounts in too many places, your current investment portfolio or tax management is inefficient, or you simply lack direction and clearly defined objectives, Dynamique Capital Advisors can help you order in your investments.

Dynamique was born from the experience of its founder Luka Erceg. With experience in financial management and investing with major publicly traded companies, the Dynamic team offers the same extraordinary experience and management to you or your company’s assets. “We help investors overcome extraordinary challenges,” says Luka. Dynamique’s clients rely on the firm for more than just financial advice – they benefit from management consulting, financial analysis, business development, tax law, bankruptcy advice, and more. The firm is passionate about seeing its clients grow in their core businesses in addition to their investment strategies.

Dynamic is a true investment manager, avoiding the lazy approach of investing in mutual funds that most financial advisors take. Looking for clients who seek investment and asset management assistance, Dynamic manages risk and investments for clients on a discretionary basis, using asset allocation models and portfolio carefully constructed and managed in-house. Thus, the firm is primarily a fiduciary for clients and provides services to support 401Ks, 403Bs, pension plans, and cash management for for-profit and non-profit organizations. Even new entrepreneurs starting their first business can benefit from working with an investment manager committed to their success.

In the near future, Dynamic aims to launch a fund and other investment products and expects many more challenges in this industry which has not supported diversity handicapped investment managers. The courage and tenacity of Dynamique stems from the personal loss and recovery of founder Luka Erceg following the loss of his left arm.

The company is committed to supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities and is proud to be a member of Disability:IN. Disability:IN is a non-profit resource for the inclusion of people with disabilities worldwide. The organization encourages businesses to envision an inclusive global economy in which people with disabilities can participate fully and meaningfully. The personal challenges faced by Luka have become a philosophy within the firm to help others and overcome challenges.

Asked about Dynamique’s growth, Luka said the company is expanding. “We hope to launch our own limited partnership investment vehicle at some point in the near future and believe above all that a new activist diversity investment strategy is needed in the market.”

Today, Dynamique’s investment strategies range from core equity investments to growth, distressed and active investing while providing impact investing benefits by employing managers with disabilities. The company is interested in acquiring and adopting registered investment companies, such as mutual funds, closed-end funds, BDCs, etc. Dynamic’s management also hopes that others will contact them about partnering to achieve similar goals.



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