Investment plan

Drillmec OK’s 35 million euro investment plan in the energy transition

The board of directors of Drillmec, an oil and gas company based in Plaisance, which is part of the Indian infrastructure giant Meil ​​Group, has approved the investment plan of more than 35 million euros in the energy transition which includes hydrogen production initiatives through the most advanced technologies available such as electrolysis, pyrolysis and the design and construction of CO2 capture and storage systems and last but not least geothermal energy .

In this context, Drillmec launched the company Idrogena, a start-up dedicated to the development and industrial production of a pyrolytic converter for the production of ultra-clean hydrogen.

The converter designed by the Idrogena team with staff with more than thirty years of experience in process engineering, by pyrolysis, will produce hydrogen without using pollutants.

“We are pleased to announce this new initiative in our country which is consistent with our history, which is to innovate and develop responsible and safe technologies capable of integrating energy, social and environmental needs”, said Simone Trevisani , CEO of Drillmec SpA.

This revolution will allow the production of hydrogen without CO2 emissions, in fact among its assets will be the ability to prevent the generation of carbon dioxide by producing in its place precious graphite used by large industrial sectors, such as the automotive industry. , cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. .