Investment plan

Biogas – Swedish government announces biogas investment plan in 2022

As a pioneer in biogas production quality analysis, BPC Instruments AB sees excellent business opportunities and increased market potential as new investments and policies support biogas production.

The new Swedish regulations provide subsidies for the production of purified biogas and liquefied biomethane. In the budget bill for 2022, SEK 500 million has been set aside to increase biogas production. In 2023 and 2024, it is proposed that 700 million SEK per year will be allocated for the same purposes. The investment is for the long term and could continue until 2040.

BPC Instruments is well positioned in the face of growing market demand to provide quality analysis of biogas production. The Company is a pioneer in feedstock quality analysis and has a worldwide reputation in biogas research and industrial sectors.

BPC Instruments has researched and focused on feedstock and process optimization in the biogas industry for the past 16 years and offers state-of-the-art instruments for feedstock quality analysis, which which is of key importance to ensure stable and efficient biogas production at full scale. BPC’s Board of Directors estimates that the company’s current share of the global market for instruments for analyzing the potential of biomethane in biogas production is approx. 90 percent.

The European Commission’s REPowerEU plan, published on 8 March, marks a decisive step towards the rapid development of the European biomethane industry using sustainable biomass sources such as agricultural waste and organic residues. The biomethane target accounts for more than 20% of current EU natural gas imports. By 2050, this potential can triple, covering 30-50% of future EU gas demand.

CEO Dr. Jing Liu said, “Raw material quality control and analysis plays a critical role in ensuring stable and efficient large-scale biogas production. Analytical instruments such as BPC’s AMPTS® remain the first choice of industrial biogas plants, service providers, research institutes and universities worldwide to optimize biogas production processes and ensure stable operation of plant by controlling the quality of the receiving biomass sources. The new investment and political support for biogas production in Sweden and EU member states will be of great importance for the development of the biogas market in the years to come and thus create great business opportunities and a increased market potential for PCB products over the next few years.

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