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Assan Alüminyum announces the latest updates to its investment plan …

Assan Alüminyum announced his latest updates on corporate investments, which claim to have been planned in accordance with their sense of responsibility for sustainability.

The company announced its 2021-2024 roadmap, which details its intentions to strengthen the ecosystem with investments. According to their claims, this will lead them to meet their sustainable 2030 targets.

The company previously announced its intention to make a series of investments over the next few years, with a total value reaching $ 95 million with these investments. It claims that its total production capacity will reach more than 360,000 tonnes.

With in their plan, they announced the continuation of their long-term collaboration with Achenbach Buschhütten and Novelis PAE, listing individual goals and plans that will be completed in collaboration with said companies.

The new investments would consist of equipment with cutting-edge technology, enabling high energy efficiency and aimed at reducing Assan Alüminyum’s overall carbon footprint.

Göksal Güngör, Managing Director of Assan Alüminyum said,

“We have and will continue to develop our future plans, based on our vision of reliability, flexibility, innovation and sustainability, while advancing all our processes on the basis of the defined sustainability framework. by the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Interim Performance Standard Certificate. ,… I sincerely believe that we will continue to create lasting value for our industry and for our world.

Göksal Güngör, Managing Director of Assan Alüminyum

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