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AIX Investment Group expands its portfolio – News

AIX Investment Group, one of the leading international financial advisory firms in Dubai, is proud to have expanded its reach and achieved a record level of managed portfolios, registering a 240% increase from the last recorded figure.

The company achieved this exceptional performance thanks to its commitment and detailed financial plans to increase its investments. With the recovery of global markets and the strong recovery in productivity and trade, most major economies have returned to pre-pandemic GDP levels, and the outlook for global investment remains strong. Investors saw strong returns as their assets appreciated, while the company helped them navigate global economic markets and provided them with consistent returns.

“We focus on investing in forward-thinking sectors and leverage our experience in identifying and anticipating future trends to provide our investors with consistently above-average returns,” said Fadi Dabbagh, advisor to the group’s board of directors, talking about their performance. He added: “The third quarter records add to our already impressive history of helping our investors achieve their financial goals, so they can focus on what matters most to them in life, while we support them by growing their heritage in a sustainable way. “

Located in Burj Khalifa on the 146th floor, the group is an international financial institution with over thirty-five years of cumulative experience in the investment advisory industry. They offer innovative investment products, high quality solutions and have experts with proven track records in the financial world. Their products are designed with one main objective, to preserve and increase investor capital and to provide financial security to institutional and individual investors. The group works with a clientele that is growing every day. Find out more:

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