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Airborne Capital in a Japanese company with Mercuria, investment manager in the Far East


Irish aviation financier Airborne Capital is teaming up with a Japanese firm with Far Eastern investment manager Mercuria to take advantage of the likely increased institutional demand for aircraft leasing opportunities.

Founded in 2017, Airborne specializes in the leasing and management of aircraft and has assets of approximately $ 1 billion (850 million euros).

The Irish company said it and its partner were founding a new venture, Mercuria Airborne Capital, which would cater for Japanese investors looking to get involved in aviation.

Airborne noted that despite the impact of Covid-19 on travel, investments in aircraft continued to provide good returns.

He added that the two men were founding the joint venture because they believed institutional investors would play a greater role in leasing aircraft.

Ramki Sundaram, Managing Director of Airborne, said Mercuria Airborne Capital “will provide institutional investors in Japan with access to a growing range of attractive investment opportunities in the global aviation finance industry”.

Toshihiro Toyoshima, Managing Director of Mercuria, called the partnership with Airborne “an exciting step”.

Mercuria manages approximately $ 2 billion in assets from offices in Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong and Bangkok.


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